Friday, 14 December 2012

Free 4 All (event) - node56

Free 4 All Dec 2012 by thedropinn
Free 4 All Dec 2012, a photo by thedropinn on Flickr.
This second youth event in Alfreton saw 75 young people turn out on the friday night.

It was set up and ran by the young people who attended the 6 weeks of workshops.

It was a great success and enjoyed by all. Well done to all the young people who put this event on.
Free 4 All Dec 2012 by thedropinn
Free 4 All Dec 2012, a photo by thedropinn on Flickr.
Shookz on stage helping 'Prffesor Leighton' (one of the youth DJ's that took part and completed the DJ workshops)

This DJ set contained a variety of new music which got everyone up and dancing.

Brilliant response for the first DJ of the night.
Free 4 All Dec 2012 by thedropinn
Free 4 All Dec 2012, a photo by thedropinn on Flickr.
The second act of the night was 'The Equipt' and acoustic act that had been working with Jasper over 6 weeks.

Everyone gathered around to support this amazing acoustic duo.

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Free 4 All (Promo) - node56

The 2nd node56 under 18's event is on the 14th December ... After the first successful event known as BE THERE (a 'safe rave' style event), node56 (The Drop Inn's new sister company) ran a series of workshops in Alfreton with a group of young people. These young people designed the flyer, promoted the event, organised the entertainment and learnt how to DJ ready to perform on the night which will be the 14th December. We are really looking forward to see how the young people have go on with the workshops and see the response of Alfretons first Young person ran event at the Polygon Youth Centre.

Sunday, 2 December 2012

Belper Winter Food Festival 2012

The Drop Inn and Sound-Hub teamed up with The Black Swan to run a stage of entertainment on the market place for the Belper Food Festival 2012.

John Nelson kindly supplied us with a trailer for the stage.

There was some brilliant acts on all day again ...

Looking forward to future events like this, it promotes some heart warming community spirit!

Saturday, 1 December 2012

One Bomb (+18's fundraiser party)

First of all ... a huge thank you to all who helped put this massive event on, thats all the artists who performed, all the people who set the stage and themed the venue, all the volunteers on the night especially the door and bar staff, and all the sound and lighting engineers, special thanks to Urban projections who did the VJ (visuals) for the night, and another special thank you to Dave Walker who arranged for barclays to sponsor the event by match funding what we raised up to £750.

Urban Projections vs One Bomb - Warehouse Party from Urban Projections on Vimeo.
We raised £1100 off the bar and entry prices, so when match funded by Barclays it will total £1850 which is incredible for a nights entertainment.
ONE BOMB were absolutely incredible!! So were the visuals that accompanied the music done by URBAN PROJECTIONS. We also had a live Ska / reggae band called HOT RYBENA and other dj's such as P.V (Patchwerk) and DAVE ANGLE!
Finally a big thank you to all who attended, we hope everyone had as much fun as us, this party was EPIC! the biggest we've done all year and we look forward to doing some more in the future.

Monday, 26 November 2012

Portland College Visit 2012

It's been too long since we payed a visit to Portland College, we all really enjoy coming along to play wheel chair basket ball and wheel chair rugby.

This time we took the young volunteer team, as most of them hadn't been before. This way hopefully in the near future we can return and the new young volunteer group can take the young people and promote how much of a great experience it is.

This was also used as a very good team building exercise. Everyone loved it and took a lot away from this visit, Thank You Rotary club and Portland College

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

One Bomb promo & fundraiser event

ONE BOMB promotional event and themed fundraiser party sponsored by Barclays Bank. Raising money for (1085617) ...

Main Stage:
/// Peripheral-Visionaries - Dubstep Conflict Zone - 8pm
/// Hot Rybena - Reggae Peace Treaty - 9pm
/// Dave Angle - Bomb Proof Set - 10pm
/// ONE BOMB - Live 11pm + Dj Set feat. Jackdalad 12am
/// Maestro - DnB Conflict Zone - 1am
++ Visuals by Urban Projections

Jagerbombs / Snake Bombs / Cherry Bombs
Depth Charge / B52
Molotov Cocktail
Beers / Cider / Wines

Theme: A massive Bomb is about to go off ... We need all the help we can get,
Bomb Squad / Fire Service / Police / Medical / Army / Protesters ...
Urban Blitz / War Zone ...
Where is the bomb squad?

£3 Entry - £2 before 10pm
Over 18's only.

Warning: Lasers, UV-bombs, and strobe lighting.

Urban Projection set-up for One Bomb fundraiser event,
lights ... projection ... action ...

First test of the amazing URBAN PROJECTIONS visuals ... dress rehersal for ONE BOMB! ... so so excited for this event!!

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Oz Box taster

We hd Oz Box come in Tues night to run a taster session. We had at least 25 young people turn up and take part. All of the youth really enjoyed it and asked when they can return ... Hopefully see Oz Box again soon, they are awesome!

Monday, 19 November 2012

Soul Food Tour 2012 Promo

Baby People present: 

This event organised by Baby People 
has a huge variety of artists on this line-up all from different backgrounds and celebrating different styles of black music.

The tour starts in November and moves around the Midlands around a huge list of venues, finally ending this awesome tour at THE DROP INN on Thursday 20th December.

FREE ENTRY - Starts 7-10pm

Supporting all the SOUL FOOD TOUR performers are our new Youth DJ's Sam and Ben ... we are ending the night with a short grime set from Reece & Ben ... The whole night is going to be completely different to us, we are so excited.


Friday, 16 November 2012

Shookz DJ workshops - Recording

Check out one of the young people who attended the Shookz DJ session over the last 6 weeks ...

DJ Sharpe Styles - Drum & Bass DJ Mix

We still have the second new young DJ to record ... Well done everyone who took part in this project, and a massive thanks to SHOOKZ and DJ's PATCHWERK & SKAIRPIGG for running the sessions!

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Shack Visit

Our Youth friends from the Darley Dale Shack youth centre came over for a visit, and got involved in some of the activities going on. We were running drop-in DJ sessions and some arts and craft ... it was a lot of fun, we always enjoy their visits. Look forward to seeing you all again soon.

Friday, 9 November 2012

BE THERE! - Alfreton - 9/11/12

Setting up for the first BE THERE! under 18's event ...

This is the taster event for the young people in Alfreton to gage a response and gather young people to get involved in the node56 workshops, getting them ready to run their own under 18's event.

Jasper performing and promoting the live music scene, sparking interest in acoustic music workshops and to try and find some young talented people to engage and perform at the second event ran by the young people.

Shookz performing and promoting DJing ... he will be finding young people to attend DJ workshops and hopefully perform at the second event ...

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Be There!

Be There! Nov 2012, a photo by thedropinn on Flickr.
Be There! Nov 2012 by thedropinnBE THERE! is a working project title for a BIG under 18's night we are running this Friday at the Polygon Youth Centre in Alftreton, 8 - 10pm.

This will be the first official node56 event running under the 'safe rave' model.

This is not a 'safe rave' but an independent promo / taster night for a new community youth event.

If everyone enjoys this first event they will have the opportunity to go through our node56 event training package, where we will be mentoring young people and train them how to put on their own BIG under 18's nights on.

We have an amazing line up for this first event, please check the flyer out. We also have a couple on supprise guests ... EXCITED!!!

Looking forward to transforming a new venue into a bright, colourful and loud experience ... BE THERE!

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Patchwerk DJ session

Patchwerk DJ Session by thedropinn
Patchwerk DJ Session, a photo by thedropinn on Flickr.
As part of this years Shookz DJ workshops two of the young people who attended the original workshop and went on to become successful young DJ's and producers will be running some of the Thursday sessions ... This week it was Patchwerk teaching the Youth how to DJ.

Friday, 26 October 2012

Reanimated Halloween 'Safe Rave'

Re-animated Halloween 'safe rave.' The return of the under 18's night ... This was originally a under 18's metal night, but then got unfortunately canceled and re-animated as a halloween 'safe rave.'

We have SKAIRWERKS which is resident DJ's Patchwerk and Skairpigg b2b.
Halloween 'Safe Rave' by thedropinn
Halloween 'Safe Rave', a photo by thedropinn on Flickr.
Unfortunately last minute the under 18's metal night was cancelled by Deafbox.

Fortunately our young resident DJ Patchwerk got on Facebook ad set up his own event on behalf of The Drop Inn.

He set up the Re-animated Halloween 'Safe Rave' ...
Halloween 'Safe Rave' by thedropinn
Halloween 'Safe Rave', a photo by thedropinn on Flickr.
We used the same decoration we had been working on for the under 18's metal night, here you can see the 20 foot skeleton climbing over the speakers and DJ stage ...
Halloween 'Safe Rave' by thedropinn
Halloween 'Safe Rave', a photo by thedropinn on Flickr.
The DJ box with giant skeleton under the U.V lights ... This event was entirely organised and ran by the young people, it truly was re-animated and could be a kick start to the new wave of 'safe raves'

Saturday, 13 October 2012

Youth Metal / Rock Halloween Party

This is a Drop Inn first. We have teamed up with Deafbox Promotions to put on an Under 18's Metal / Rock night on the 26th Oct.

This party will have themed drinks and hot food like monster burgers, we have also themed the whole venue which includes a 20ft U.V Skeleton ...

It's £2 entry, but cheaper with a impressive fancy dress costume.

Really looking forward to seeing the response to this event, it it all goes well we will consider making youth Metal nights a regular thing ...

Thursday, 11 October 2012


Can we say a MASSIVE thank you to all who voted for us in the Lloydstsb community fund.

We came in first place to win £5,000 for our new music space the Jamjar.

Work will start on the new space straight away, we will get you up to date with pictures of the transformation and re-building of the space.

Thank You again all voters for the huge support!

SHOOKZ Dj Workshops 2012

The Shookz DJ Workshops are going pretty good. Shookz ran the first, Patchwerk ran the second and Skairpigg ran the 3rd. We've done these adhesive flyers to try and gain more interest. There's been quite a few young people interested but, we would like a couple more to go through to the broadcasting stage at the end of the DJ sessions. Usually we have 3 people who go through, at the moment the young people are just having a taster at DJing. Hopefully the promotions might attract young people to call down specifically for the workshops who can them go through to the broadcasting at the end ... Good so far though

Monday, 8 October 2012

Macmillan Coffee Morning 2012

We had a really good coffee morning and saw a load of new faces.

Thank You to all who attended, hope you all had a nice time, and Thank You to all the volunteers who helped out and put on the entertainment.

We raised £46 in total for Macmillan Cancer Support.

Saturday, 6 October 2012

Under 12's Night - Blue Box

We are piloting and under 12's night at The Blue Box centre on Parks Estate. The first one will be on the 31st Oct. This project came about from one of our Derby University placements project idea. Lisa (The Derby Uni Student placement) had to write / plan a project for her course, the project would involve our young Belper School students, young people from the centre and both supervised by our voluntary youth workers to all help run a night for under 12's. Lisa has finished her placement now and has done very well. Everyone at the Drop Inn was in agreement that this is suck a good project which will help another big need in the community. With al of us in agreement we just needed to get together once Lisa had finished her coursework and plan the first night and where.

Now we have found an area that has a big need for it, and a community space located in the middle of the estate. The centre has agreed to let us use it for the under 12's night, so we have planned to do a halloween themed party at the first pilot which will land straight on the 31st of October. We will keep everyone up-to-date with how it all goes.

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Charity Boxes - 3 / 10 / 12

We've only emptied the 1st charity box at the Cross Keys - Thank You to all who donated into this box, we raised £16.99.

The other two charity boxes will be emptied at the end of this month, can't wait to see how much each one has the first time. pre-thanks to all who've put donations in already.

Saturday, 29 September 2012

Website 4.0 update

We've not had much time since the last update to work on the website, and it's also changed for the better again. We can not wait to launch it's new design and content.

███████████████░░░░░░░░░░░░░░ 80% DONE

New sounds, new graphics, new pages, new content and all easier to navigate and use. At this point I would like to say thank you to all who is working on it, it's a massive project. It's been worked on behind the scene for months now. Very nearly there, but to make sure it's 100% it won't be launched till the new year now.

Saturday, 22 September 2012

Shookz DJ Workshops 2012

Shookz DJ Workshops 2012 by thedropinn
Shookz DJ Workshops 2012, a photo by thedropinn on Flickr.
You've been waiting a long time but now they are here again. We are very happy to welcome back the SHOOKZ Dj workshops to the Drop Inn, this time with resident DJ's Patchwerk and Skairpigg running some sessions. Workshops start 27th September and run for 8 weeks, 7pm every Thursday.

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Skatepark Edit Designs

skatepark_design005 by thedropinn
skatepark_design005, a photo by thedropinn on Flickr.

Here are one of the proposed designs for the Belper Skate park.

Once everyone is happy and settles on a design we can start pricing up how much the upgraded park will cost, then start trying to raise the money for it.

Friday, 14 September 2012

Future Home Scape - TD*

Andrea attended a Future Homes *Team Development day. The day was about each team developing a business plan for a project for one of the few selected charities. Andrea had to go in to give the team facts and figure of The Drop Inn but couldn't directly help or influence the business plan.
The team that presented the best plan would win £1000 toward the charity the business plan was designed for. The day was set up very similar to Dragons Den.

It was a lot of fun through out the day. The team that presented plan for the Drop Inn came in 2nd place. However the Dragons (or equivalent) decided it was such a good plan, they gave the Drop Inn £1000 for development anyway. So a huge thank you to the team who presented for us and a big thank you to Future Home Scape for the donation - what a brilliant way of donating to charities!

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Charity Boxes - 12 / 9 / 12

We have collected a total of £28 over a couple of months from the Charity box at the Cross Keys. Thank You all who have donated.

Now we have put new ones at The George and Dragon and the Tavern, please look out for them.

Each month one of our volunteers will go round and collect them all up, hopefully it will be a constant small steam of donated money which will help us with the Di-bar stock for drinks and snacks and all the other little essential things that soon amount up.

Monday, 10 September 2012


We are re-open after a short summer break. During closure we had been working on 2 different arts projects but didn't have the staff capacity to open regular nights due to staff holidays.

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Leonard Cheshire - Fun Day

Family Fun day in Alfreton by thedropinn
Family Fun day in Alfreton, a photo by thedropinn on Flickr.
We put supplied a sound system and some entertainment for the Leonard Cheshire Care Homes Family Fun Day.

The entertainment was al organised by YP Luke Baker and Volunteer Ant Baker from the Drop Inn.

It was a brilliant day with loads of great entertainment, refreshments and fun games to get involved in.

We would love to return and help out for future events, Thank You for inviting us along.

Saturday, 8 September 2012

Drop Battle Fundraiser

Drop Battle Set up by thedropinn
Drop Battle Set up, a photo by thedropinn on Flickr.

This is a photo of the insane set up we had ...

It sounded louder than it ever has, as you can imagine with having a wall of speakers now, hehe.

We also have a small stage and monitors to cater for a band. Hot Rybena played and sounded great. The Drop Battles had to be cut short because of a few people not being able to make it. Shookz and operand did some amazing DJ sets and got everyone dancing.

The crowd was really good all night but unlike other events the crowd changed constantly.

In total we raised £300, which will go towards sound equipment.

Huge thank you to all who put the night together and all who attended and help raise this money.

Thursday, 30 August 2012

Drop Battles II - Coming Soon

The Drop Battles return to Belper ... This time The Drop Inn is the proud host. It's the first time we have done anything like this, really looking forward to it! For anyone that is unfamiliar with DROP BATTLES it is RAP BATTLES. Each person will have a time limit to freestyle lyrics, the crowd present vote people through. The winner of each round works their way up a table this an overall winner is decided. Hope that is explained o.k. If not type in don't flop into youtube.

After the DROP BATTLES we've got PV (a new local dubstep collective) and the legendary SHOOKZ performing bass heavy DJ sets.

As we love changing our space with small art installations and themed parties we're attempting to build an apocalyptic city scape around the stage.
See what happens, eh? Wait for the photo's to see if we put that off.

The event is on the 8th Sept, please come along. It's +18's fundraiser with a bar and late license. Hope to see some of you there.

Click here for Facebook Event

Saturday, 25 August 2012


LimeAid by thedropinn
LimeAid, a photo by thedropinn on Flickr.

This event was organised to help support one of our friends and old members who is battling cancer. Everyone pulled together to help out, but the main organiser for the event was Laura Seal, she deserves a massive thank you and applause for putting this event on.

LimeAid by thedropinn
LimeAid, a photo by thedropinn on Flickr.

We chipped in to help one of our friends and old members with this event by lending them some stage lighting.

LimeAid by thedropinn
LimeAid, a photo by thedropinn on Flickr.

We had an amazing day of bands organised by Barrington from sound-hub.

The night was a good fun as well with some heavier bands for entertainment. In the background you can see our small but handy contribution of lights.

Not sure how much exactly was raised but we hope you raised loads for this heart warming good cause.

Friday, 24 August 2012

Lloydstsb online vote

Please follow the link below to make an ONLINE VOTE and help us win £5,000. To read about what we are using the money for please follow the same link: The Drop Inn Profile Thank You for the Support everyone. Di x

Saturday, 18 August 2012

Casino Night

The Cross Keys, Market Place, Belper put on a great fundraiser night for us. They organised entertainment from Joe (James Warner Prophecies ), Jasper (JasperITCOO) and a Frank Sinatra tribute act.

There was also loads of casino style games were people could by Chips for a few £'s, the person with the most chips at the end of the night won a prize.

It was a great atmosphere and loads of fun, we hope they do another one. The Cross Keys raised
£120 for our charity, huge thank you to all the staff at The Cross Keys for putting the fundraiser night on for us. We will let people know what we spend it on, we have to ask the Youth what they would like first.

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

New Sound Sysem !!!

Sound_system Both by thedropinn
Sound_system Both, a photo by thedropinn on Flickr.
Now our might Frankenstein System has a brother, "The Jamjar Sound system."

We've brought this system for the amazing live sound it creates for bands. We will use Frankenstein for the DJ's and the JJSS for live bands. We are now loads better prepared and geared up for live shows, we actually have stage monitors.

In the Picture you can see what makes up Frankenstein (in Green) and The Jamjar System (in Pink).

Can't wait to start booking some events in!

Monday, 13 August 2012

Vaillant Olympic 2012 Mural

Vaillant Olympic Mural by thedropinn
Vaillant Olympic Mural, a photo by thedropinn on Flickr.
This is a picture of the Olympic 2012 Mural we did for the Vaillant group.

It was up ready for their family fun day, which the put on biannually to raise money for two chosen charities.

We were one of their chosen charities this year, and received a whopping £6,000 of the funds raised on the day. Received with a huge Thank you to all who turned up on the day, and to Vaillant for choosing our Charity to support this year.

The Olympic mural will stay up there till the next big event, so two good years of it.
Vaillant Olympic Mural by thedropinn
Vaillant Olympic Mural, a photo by thedropinn on Flickr.
You can see the full mural in the background

Saturday, 4 August 2012

Litter Pick

A team of volunteers and young people from the Drop Inn teamed up with members of Belper Town Council and other volunteers to do a huge litter pick around Belper town centre and the River Gardens.

It was all to give the town a final good clean up and polish before the Britain in Bloom judges arrive.
Good luck Belper we are proud to be involved.

Sunday, 29 July 2012

text: VOTE DE2 to: 61119

Vote Banner July 2012 by thedropinn
Vote Banner July 2012, a photo by thedropinn on Flickr.
Please text: VOTE DE2 to: 61119 and help the Drop Inn win £5000 which we are putting towards our music space, the JAMJAR. Thank You, Di x

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Charity DropBox - 25 / 07 / 12

We raised £19.55p from our Charity Box at the Cross Keys. Thank You everyone that has donated and shown their support

Saturday, 30 June 2012

Creating the Scrap Book 2012 (3D)

This is some of the behind the scene pictures of the construction of the 3D Scrap book 2012 art piece we are submitting for The Belper Arts Trail 2012. This will be exhibited in the Library at the end of June.
Scrap Book 2012 (3D) by thedropinn
Scrap Book 2012 (3D), a photo by thedropinn on Flickr.

This is a page in the 3D scrap book that represents the holiday pictures in the original scrap book created when the Library first opened. In the original scrap book about life in Belper there is pictures of people traveling to the coast like Scarborough and Blackpool. These places are represented in the new 3D Scrap book on a time line that ends with a small model of the famous hotel building in Dubai, which you can see under construction here.

Scrap Book 2012 (3D) by thedropinn
Scrap Book 2012 (3D), a photo by thedropinn on Flickr.

The biggest page of the 3D Scrap book was pay tribute to our local heritage and to celebrate the 100th Birthday of the East Mill Building. This is how it looks so far.

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Skate Park Edit - Ramp Donation

Our Skate Ramp by thedropinn
Our Skate Ramp, a photo by thedropinn on Flickr.

We built this Skate Ramp a few years ago but unfortunately couldn't afford the extra insurance costs for the usage as a full ramp.
It was used as a bank for a while then went into storage collecting cobwebs.

The young people attending these skate park meetings own this ramp now, we've donated it to those who will look after it, respect it, and use it.

Make sure you bring plenty of people to carry it off our yard to a new home.

The Skate Park Meetings are every other Tuesday, keep your eye on Facebook for details.

>> Facebook Group <<

Monday, 25 June 2012

C Card (Sexual Health + Advice)

Every Monday from 4.30 till 7pm we are offering a free C Card sessions (Sexual Health + Advice)

Friday, 15 June 2012

JamSource tent @ OTB'12

OTB'12 by thedropinn
OTB'12, a photo by thedropinn on Flickr.

This is the set up for our JamSource tent this year. We've brought most of our Frankenstein Sound System and build a little stage for the Open Mic, we have also set up a desk at the back on the stage for the open deck sessions.

The Front of the stage is all U.V, which lights up with the U.V sound reactive strobe we've installed at the back of the tent.

Cant wait for this to all kick off ...

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Belper Arts Trail 2012 - Blurb

This is not a book blurb, but it's an art exhibition featured in a section of Belper Library for the Belper Arts Trail 2012.

Who We Are -
We are an Independent Youth organisation and registered charity (1085617), est 2000.
Our grass roots organisation has grown and evolved through the young volunteers running it, keeping their promise to develop idea's hatched by the young people attending the centre, no matter how outrageous.
"Space for youth run by the youth"
The centre which contains the ever expanding vibe is based on Derwent Street in a converted Warehouse.
We do our best to help our community, create amazing youth opportunities through positive activities, creative multimedia workshops and alternative education.
We are very happy to now be involved in Belper's biggest art event.

Arts Trail Blurb - SCRAP BOOK 2012 (3D)
We didn't know what recontextualisation meant, so we 'googled' it as do most in this day and age.
Being a Youth organisation we wanted to recontextualise one of our old intergenerational projects, called Linking Lives. The Linking Lives project ran for 3 years and aimed to bridge the gap between generations breaking down stereotypes in our community.
We want to recontextualise this whole project outline, while linking our art piece into the 75th Anniversary of Belper Library.
We found an amazing archive and beautiful link to the past in the library. It's a scrap book made to commemorate the opening of Belper Library, the 25th Anniversary of Belper's East Mill, and has a brief history capturing life in 30's.
We are now on an adventure, interviewing people in the community to find representations of Belper in 2012. We will create our own scrap book representing Belper life in 2012, which will be seen in a Real Definition 3D vision (No 3D Glasses Required).

Saturday, 9 June 2012

JamSource Tent @ Out The Box Festival 2012

JamSource tent @ OTBF2012 by thedropinn
JamSource tent @ OTBF2012, a photo by thedropinn on Flickr.
The Drop Inn's Jamjar and Node56 present - The JamSource Tent feat our Frankenstein Sound System and filmed by DecoyTV.

We are returning to Out The Box Festival on the 15th June to run a tent again.

We'll be running:
> OPEN DECK sessions
> OPEN MIC sessions
On a Themed Stage with Art Installations by
B45K and NANO.
DecoyTV will be filming the whole weekend.

For tickets goto: Out The Box Festival 2012

Friday, 8 June 2012

D-i Website 4.0 Update

Our next generation website is coming along nicely. The template has been re-vamped,
and the new pages have been decided where they are fitting into the current layout.

There is loads of exciting new features going to be included, we are just currently working on the
artwork for each of the pages.

███████████████░░░░░░░░░░░░░░ 45% DONE

We'll be naming a launch date soon!

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Lloyds Community Awards - Votes Open !!!

We grow musicians for the future and bring positive changes to the lives of young people and the community they live in.

Please click on "The Drop Inn" Lloydstsb community fund profile to make a vote.

Follow the same link to see what we are using the money for if we are the luckiest Charity in Derbyshire.

Installation of lighting, heating and shelving to our music room would enable us to use different types of music at any time as a medium to engage more young people of any ability in projects encouraging them to express themselves, build self respect, self confidence and discipline, leading to peer mentoring and performances in the community, including planning and promotion of events. Mainly (but not exclusively) targeting less academic or underachieving youth, we will support and give them opportunities to complete relevant OCN accredited courses enabling college admission if appropriate. When not being used by young people, the music room would be available and suitable for use by any member of the community for a minimal fee � this not only brings small income towards any repairs and running costs giving sustainability, it also gives the young people an opportunity to gain basic experience of budgeting and managing room hire.

The fund would give all young people the opportunity to take part, try out, or improve music and recording skills, irrelevant of their ability, social background, income etc. The few facilities which offer this type of activity are often costly making them exclusive � our facility will be fully inclusive for all young people aged 12 � 18 at times when they want it and free of charge. Young people who have an interest in music but do not engage with school use our centre now � with the expansion of our music facility we can help them reach their full potential and engage in a more positive way within the wider community. Through our links with the local music industry we are able to ensure opportunities for progression towards employment.

>>> Here is the Link Again <<<

Thank You so much for all your support!

Di-Bands go down a storm at Bearded Theory

This Year The Drop Inn Produced Artwork, and sent some Youth Bands  to perform at The Bearded Theory Festival 2012:

Click Link Below to read more ...

Belper bands go down a storm at Bearded Theory - News - Belper News

We also brought with us a our new Youth Media Team. We'll be uploading the footage they collected of the amazing weekend in the next few weeks once they have edited it all.

Friday, 18 May 2012

BTF 2012

Jasper In The Company Of Others playing unplugged straight after their amazing stage performance.

Unfortunately the stage was running two hours late so they onlt got to play 4 songs.

The 4 songs they played pulled a bigger crowd than some of the later bands.

Hopefully main stage next yeah guys, you deserve it, what an amazing performance!

Thursday, 17 May 2012


URBANITES by thedropinn
URBANITES, a photo by thedropinn on Flickr.

URBANITES - The new ongoing art collection from in house artist B45K.

These have been created as part or a raw art / illustration exhibition for Bearded Theory 2012.

Saturday, 12 May 2012

Willington Arts Festival 2012

Illustration sessions on the Sunday. It was busy all day with 50 Young people getting involved. It was a messy and lots of fun.

Skatepark EDIT 2012

SkatePark Edit 2012 by thedropinn
SkatePark Edit 2012, a photo by thedropinn on Flickr.
Youth Needed! Your Skatepark needs you!
*Others are more than welcome to get involved if you use the skate park and want your say.

Are you happy with Belper Skatepark?

What would you want to do to change it?

First meeting is the 28th May at 6pm till 7.30pm.

At The Drop Inn, Unit 1, Derwent Street.


GUIDANCE – Youth Committee
* To get involved, be motivated to gather research from young people
* Identify possible funding streams (support provided)
* Give a commitment of at least 1 evening per month for 1 year
* To spread information as to other relevant groups
* To organise fund raising activities
* To log meetings and produce an action plan (be Creative using Photo's / Blogs / Film Doc?)
* To identify improvements to the skatepark area and see to it they get done!

GUIDANCE – Youth Committee Sub Group
* To support the youth committee in its functions
* To assist with the gathering of information for the group
* To feed information into the youth committee and from the youth committee
* To participate in fun raising activities as and when required

Up-and-Coming Drop Inn Events