Friday, 30 April 2010

News Bullet (4) - 30/04/10

April started a really busy Month, then after the sad News of the Break In We sadly had to cancel and postpone a few events. Then The end of April things started to pick up again. Download our news Bulletin!


Marker Art

The white wall in the main space, which has been kept white waiting for some Marker Art. Adie is running sessions on a Friday with Billy. They have only just started after weeks of planning and drawing up ideas'. It's looking very imaginative and very impressive. Can't wait to see the finished piece, which will also have U.V elements!

Originally uploaded by thedropinn
Billy Woods marker art in the corner of the white wall. It's looking very surreal, and very cool.

Can't wait to see more of this artwork!

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This piece is Adies fox illustration. This marker art is really impressive so don't be surprised if you see more marker art in the other rooms.

Thursday, 29 April 2010

Safe Rave Postponed

The April Dubstep 'Safe Rave' had to be moved to July due to the recent and unfortunate news regarding our Sound System. Sorry everyone!

We are not canceling the Dubstep 'Safe Rave' because We know how much everyone was looking forward to it. When it comes round it will be bigger and better than the original! Look forward to the 3.5K Frankenstein Sound System!!

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Mamelodi Exchange

On the 21st April an Arts Exchange with Artists from Derbyshire and Mamelodi got together in South Africa. Tom (Myself from the Drop Inn) and Adam (from Filmcity) were amongst the 20 Artists. During the 10 days over in South Africa We got the opportunity to visit a few different communities and learn a lot of the History of S.A.

The main focus of the trip was to collaborate with the South African artists in the Arts Exchange, which worked beautifully. The film crew documented and captured all of the trip and the Artists workshops, the films produced from the footage will be available to get a copy in about 4 weeks. There is 22 Hours of footage to edit.

The Film Crew also got the opportunity to go into the squatter camps in the suburbs of Mamelodi, during one of these visits, the visit to one of the schools we met some amazing people.

We met a lady who runs a Drop In centre called the Entokozweni Resource Centre, it's a youth centre not to different to what the Drop Inn started out as. So we have exchanged emails and are going to see how we (The Drop Inn) can support the Entokozweni Centre in Mamelodi.

Look out for the photo and films and more news updates on the exciting Arts and Cultural Exchange, The Drop Inn wasn't part of this project originally, but is fast getting drawn in with the wanting to help and support the Mamelodi trust, and especially the Entokozweni Centre.

Mamelodi - School
Originally uploaded by thedropinn
This is a Photo of The Lady that runs the Entokozweni Resource Centre in Mamelodi, and some of the Children from the Local Primary School.

We want to stay in contact with this Lady and Support the Youth project se is running in Mamelodi.

Tom x

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Clothes Order [7]

The 6th Order for Drop Inn Hoodies has arrived at The Drop Inn for collection. We've seen a few new experimental idea's with the choice of colours. The next order will be ready to send next week, so if you wanted to catch this order then let us know as soon as you can.


Thursday, 15 April 2010

Stolen Equipment vandalized

An update of the stolen equipment. It's good and bad news. The good news is We have the equipment back, it was found in a field down the road. The bad news is it's totally been damaged and vandalized. So it become clear now that this was just an act of vandalism, the insurance will cover the damaged equipment but we are unsure how long it will all take to replace.

For now all the future music events have been postponed until We are in a position to cater for them, with a complete sound system. We will keep everyone informed, and will let You know as soon as We get our sound system working again!
We are still looking for the vandals, so any information you hear please let us know.

Thank You,
D-i x

Street Dance Session 4

We are nearly half way through the 10 weeks of street dancing sessions. Everyone had extra floor space for this session with the skate ramp moved right out the way, this floor layout was only possible because the Drop Inn is still closed for the Easter break, it makes the space look huge with out the ramp.

There will be a small street dance performance on the 29th of April for the European day of Solidarity, so keep a look out for the adverts and program of the day!

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

100+ Phone backgrounds

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We have now created 100+ phone backgrounds to share around. If you have any idea's or designed you want adapting for your phone please don't hesitate to ask. This background was inspired by Banksy!

Originally uploaded by thedropinn
All these phone backgrounds are in the correct ratio size to also put key rings! We are thinking of running a project soon where you can design your own accessories like bags and key rings etc.

Originally uploaded by thedropinn
Inspired by the Terminator film released last year. There will be a poster coming soon which will have all the phone back grounds on it to chose from. If you like any of them, either take them off our facebook account or as a member of staff to bluetooth it to you.
D-i x

Friday, 9 April 2010


A collective of DJ's, sound system and VJ from Derby put on a spectacular club style party. We raised £300 pounds to put towards new security measures on the office and band room side of The Drop Inn. This private party was also to celebrate a 63rd birthday.
The atmosphere was really amazing.

Thursday, 8 April 2010

Safe Rave Group

There is now an Official 'Safe Rave' group on Facebook. If you're on Facebook please join it and make comments and suggestions.

Thank You x

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Break In

Someone broke in through the office door last night and stole the New Amps, Equalizer, Mixer, Deck and a box full of al the cables. There was around £1500 worth of sound equipment taken. Unfortunately this is the first bit of bad news we've posted in years. Hopefully the equipment will either turn up, or we'll try and replace it, if the insurance covers all of it. We were really lucky to have built up this sound equipment over the years, so it will take a while to get back. Before replacing the stolen and damaged equipment we will be focusing on upgrading all the security, to prevent this from happening again!
If anyone does have any information please come forward. We will keep you updated!

Thank you,
The Drop Inn team.

Monday, 5 April 2010

Re:space [5] Office

The Drop Inn office is having a huge sort out and a refurbishment. It's starting to look a lot smarter already. While we are closed for a week we are making quite a few changes, the office is the biggest difference though.

Up-and-Coming Drop Inn Events