Thursday, 18 January 2007

First Aid Course [session of The Fire Project]

As part of the Fire project you were also taught the basics of life saving. A group of paramedics came in to teach a session on life saving and the steps you have to take to ensure your safety comes first, then you can aid the person or people at an emergency scene.

Fire Project

Pictures from the fire project at Belper Fire station. Click on picture to navigate to other pictures from the same project.

Fire Project
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The project was a partnership between the Drop Inn and Derbyshire Fire Service - Belper Fire Station. It is the second time we have run this project concentrating on road traffic collisions. A session with paramedics showing equipment and first aid was included. DVD and discussion sessions highlighted effects crashes have on not only the car occupants but on their families, friends and witnesses. A mock car crash was set up and young people were cut out of the wreckage - it was a scary experience for participants and audience. Very effective project which we are hoping to run again in the near future.

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