Friday, 23 March 2012

Minister hails Belper youth project as ‘fantastic’

Nick Hurd Minister of Civil Society was made welcome at The Drop Inn to see the amazing Derbyshire  Volunteer Passport scheme which is the BIG society in action.
Minister hails Belper youth project as ‘fantastic’ - Local News - Matlock Mercury

Saved By Grant

The Drop Inn had a very bad financial start to 2012 with problems that had occurred the year before resulting in the organisation unable to find sustainable funding.
The refurbishment's were part of raising the profile again in a hope to attract some potential sponsorships or new funders. It was working really well and still is, but it wasn't a quick enough turn around, so unfortunately the centre faced even more financial troubles and it was looking at some desperate and emergency fundraising events.

We had to raise 6,000 by the end of April. We knew we were in real trouble, but have got loads of things in the pipeline which once up and running will never see the organisation in the same trouble again.

Andrea approached Belper Town Council for some funding, please follow the link below to see what was said:
Drop Inn centre saved after grant - Local - Belper News

A BIG Thank You is in order to Belper Town Council for helping us out and supporting us!

Thank You from al The Drop Inn Team

Sunday, 18 March 2012

New Charity Boxes

Look at our new charity boxes, there is a few general Drop Inn charity collection boxes and one 'safe rave' box. If you see them out in the community please make a kind donation. Thank You

Monday, 5 March 2012

Family Tree Blog Plans

We are re-branding and rebuilding our Family Tree blog, it's not been updated for years.
As well as updating all the volunteers, managers and people involved, we thought we would introduce some new features.

The New Drop Inn Tree blog will contain:
1. Generations - which will be a little story about how every 3-4 years the whole organisation has evolved and changed to cater for the need of each Youth generation.
2. Stories - this will be a section of the blog where you can read some of the most inspiring stories told by young people in our community.
3. Quote - this is like a memorandum section, where all the positive and some amusing negative things have been said about The Drop Inn over the years.

Click: Dropinntree

Thursday, 1 March 2012

DiBOX (Youth Open Mic)

The First Recording taken from The Drop Inn's first Youth Open Mic night.

This is the Second Sample recorded from later on in the night, using our loop pedal to build beats.

Up-and-Coming Drop Inn Events