Monday, 21 January 2008

Portland College - wheel chair basketball

On the 21st of Jan The Drop inn
took on People at
Portland College at
a game of Wheel Chair
Basket Ball / Rugby.

Contact Portland College
for more information about what they do!
The Drop Inn has been on a few visits to
play Wheel chair Football and Basket ball.


Any suggestions for films thurs night..?

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Projection space is open but still under construction. We need people to bring in any film posters old and new to paste on the walls! Cheers

The Drop Inn Cinnema is a projection space in the style of a cinema.
Feel free to bring your DVDs down to watch, we usually bring a selection down.

Sunday, 20 January 2008

Drop Inn Christmas Party

Christmas Party Games

Pass the parcel
The main game was pass the parcel filled with forfits. An example of the forfits was eat chili or drink a cup of water through the person on your lefts sock, and others like eat a raw onion and a tea spoon of coffee, mmm.

Air Pool
A simple party game where you blow pool balls into the opposing teams pockets, the first to five wins, Girls verses Boys!

Up-and-Coming Drop Inn Events