Monday, 29 September 2008

Hair + Beauty Session

Hair + Beauty Session
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Laura's Beauty Session Monday night was a trial run, Girls only hour. Hair and Beauty theropy, trying out new products and having a makeover. It was really successful with loads of people joining in. So expect some more sessions to follow

Friday, 26 September 2008

Linking Lives Update

Macmillan Coffee Morning
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Macmillan Cancer support coffee morning 26/09/08. Go to Linking Lives Blog.

Standing together the Drop Inn youth and our Older Guests, Visiting for tea and cakes on the worlds biggest coffee morning.

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Freshers Poster

Freshers Poster
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Year 7 + 8 Freshers nights at starting at The Drop Inn, Tuesday 23.09.08 from 6.00pm till 8.30pm ...

Come down and see what we've got to offer.

Meet new people and hand out with friends. The freshers nights will run up untill Half term. Don't worry if you do miss the Freshers nights your still more that welcome to call down on our normal nights, Monday or Thursday! It'll just be busier and a lot louder.

D.I.E.Skating (Drop Inn Extreme Skating)

We have a lot of skaters coming down and using our space. There are plans to install some ramps soon. If anyones insterested in coming down to build some ramps and evolve the skake area, or any skate themed projects to run they are more than welcome.

At the present tho just enjoy our sheltered space to skate.

Bondathon Poster

Bondaton Poster
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Sposored Bond Film Marathon. There are 21 films to be watched back to back, the longer you stay awake the more sponser money you can earn. Each film will be signed off after you've seen it. All the sponsor money will go to the youth commity to decide what they want to spend it on. The total running time of all the films is 45 hours. In between each film there will be a break where you can have a walk around or join in Bond themed activities. Food and drink will be supplied through out the 45 hours, even 45 hours worth of pop-corn. Come down and sponsor some of our youth.

Sunday, 21 September 2008

Riff Raff Island Festival

Representing The Drop Inn @ Riff Raff Island Festival.
We all had an amazing time!
Thank you Riff Raff

Drop Inn Chilling in cargo net @ Riff Raff Island Festival.
Loved it all!

Drumming workshop and performance

Belly dancing workshop

Expressive dancing workshop and performance

Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Rock band on 360

Rock band on 360
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Rock band Sessions on 360, in projection space! People are welcome to bring games down to play on our huge projector, it's what it's there for. We were thinking of setting up some tournaments for anyone interested, Mario Kart, Soul Calibur, Fifa or take it old skool gaming back to Street fighter? Let us know if your interested!

Monday, 8 September 2008

Riff Raff Workshops

Workshop 2 - Drumming and Crafts

Riff Raff - Workshop
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Riff Raff produce another really good drum workshop! It was amazing fun! They'll be loads more workshops to look forward to

Monday, 1 September 2008

Project Poi

Project Poi poster
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Monday nights come down and try fire Poi,

No flamable clothes please, it is a dangerous art!

What is Poi? Basically "its two bits of sponge on some string", but technically, its a form of dancing originating from the Māori people of new zealand.
Ive been practicing Poi through hobby for the last two years, but only recently have taken up Fire poi ("two bits of fire on some chain") Its an absolute, great skill to have for wowing at parties (out door of course) and for attracting attention of high passer byes at festivals. Either way, wether poi is used for amazing other people, or just for self therapy. it is a hypnotic and energising experience for anyone to have, which is why project poi is here. To give the Drop inn members an oppertunity to have a go in the art of fire poi. The sessions will be run on an open-schedule process, meaning it will be free-going for anyone to take part. just be sure to attend Monday evenings from after 7 o'clock.
Hope to see you soon
-Fire is hot and will hurt incredibly much (so no flamable clothes please, e.g Nylon. and go easy on the hair spray)
-pyra-maniacs will need parental concent

Take care peeps, peace out


The long awaited U.V project starts this month, with small projects leading up to it, like the re-paint of the back wall (Graffiti wall). The U.V project will run along side the Graffiti Projects, blending the two together. U.V will then introduce some new creative and BRIGHT ideas. Come down and play in U.V

Coming soon plans for U.V project starting as part 3 of the graffiti season.

The Feature wall in Warehouse to be painted under U.V lights with U.V paints. Starting with patching the gaps in the existing graffiti. Some of the names will be covered or blended into other artwork. If anyone has any idea, try drawing a picture and bringing it down. Some of the simple designs can be made into stencils.

There are Three screens as a random piece of art constructed in the corner, more artwork will be painted over the top to give an Urban city scape scene. The otherside of the wall therte is ideas to build another 3D graffiti art piece using speakers (so anyone with busted old speakers please bring them down)

U.V poster
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A familiar poster used for the original U.V idea. The project has expanded a lot since the first poster, so this is an updated version with the listing of all the workshops and new ideas for the U.V project.

A series of U.V lights have been installed on the back wall already, more will be installed on the nights of the project. people who are not painting and want to carry on with the usual activities may have to U.V what ever they're using ... like paint your skate boards U.V and the table tennis and pool. The whole main space will only be light in U.V , lighting.

The desired Result will be a crazy back wall to draw lots of attention and look insane for parties haha!

The work on the wall has started already and will continue for another 2-3 weeks, then the U.V paint will come out!

While the U.V graffiti's rolling there will be other neon elements introduced to run along side.
Check this Video of U.V project. It's very inspiring, think we should try and create something similar?
This Video is a bit strange but still inspiring for a U.V Me project. U.V Face

U.V Poster (small)
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U.V flyers

Check out:
the Glow company
U.V Jewellery

for some crazy U.V products!

Breakdown Of Ideas so far:

U.V Graffiti - Re-painting the Graffiti wall U.V.

U.V Spaces - Making U.V hanging decorations, and through over U.V textiles.

Neon Art - U.V installations.

Neo Me - Turning everyone U.V, with U.V accessories and face paint.

U.V Poi - Making and playing with U.V Poi.

BigBeat U.V - U.V drumming workshop.

U.V Faces - Performance with the Poi, Drumming and showing off your Neo Me.

U.V T.V - Throughout the project pictures and films will be taken then edited together to make a U.V film.

BE U.V - Huge U.V Party

Up-and-Coming Drop Inn Events