Friday, 25 June 2010

Project Planning

The staff have been bouncing some really good idea's around for future projects. We are starting to long projects over the summer. One will be called 'Future Youth' which is an environmental project, and the other will be a music production and broadcasting project, which will see the return of Shookz! If this isn't exciting enough, We are looking at starting under 18 band nights towards the end of summer one Thursday night a month, and also hosting Derbyshires biggest U.V party when the nights get darker early as a fund raiser for more U.V products. We have also started planning a 'Youth Image + Style Design' project based on stereotype groups and how Youth fashions create different Youth Groups, We would be looking at designing and showcasing some new Youth fashion idea's designed by our Youth People. These projects are going to shape the new directions The Drop Inn is heading for this next decade!

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Shookz - Step One music video

Official Step One music video.

Well done Paul, wicked track. Cant wait to do some more work with You at The Drop Inn. Music Video shot in South Africa and Edited back in U.K by Tom. x

Monday, 21 June 2010

Glastonbury Submission

We have submitted the 'Role reversal' film, the film We recently received an award for at the DAFTAs for best humor. We are trying to find out if our film was screened, it's nice to know it was considered for Glastonbury, but it would be even more amazing knowing it reached the screens at one of the worlds biggest festivals!

Sunday, 20 June 2010

Birthday Flyer [Sunday]

Birthday Flyer [Sunday]
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The third and final day of the Drop Inn 10th Birthday Weekender. It has been one crazy weekend full of things to do and see. There is loads more pictures on our facebook page:

Please look through them, there is some amazing pictures taken by Kit a photographer from Worcester, Thank You Kit and everyone on else for making such a good weekend happen. 10 years is impressive!

PLANT STALL: The Whitemoore Centre brought down their plant stall for the Sunday Stalls. It was the nicest day for weather out of the three so everyone was sat out side, and we had the big double warehouse doors open all day.

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UNKNOWN CREATURES played on the Sunday afternoon just before closing the party. This is Nick Gregory a former Trustee of The Drop Inn on the Keys

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UNKNOWN CREATURES: this is the whole band playing some experimental jazz for the intergenerational sunday audience. It was such a perfect was to close the birthday celebrations live entertainment.
Look out for the video's being uploaded.

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HAPPY 10TH BIRTHDAY DROP INN !!! This was the final moment of the birthday celebrations which ended with the cutting of the cake.

Saturday, 19 June 2010

10th Birthday [Saturday]

The second day of the 10th Birthday. In the morning the stalls reopened and there was more screenings of the latest intergenerational film and more dance performances. None of the staff ended up in the stocks, which was probably a good thing. This second night has 5 DJ's lined up for the live entertainment.

ANT singing at the Birthday Weekender. Later in the afternoon this became a karaoke session.

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The lights, laser and smoke machine were all set up for the DJ night. There was some impressive new idea's for the stage and layout.

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DAVE ANGLE: played an really bouncing set. He filled the dance floor with some stomping techno beats. He's played at The Drop Inn a few times now, this was one of his best sets though!

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SHOOKZ returns again to do another crazy drum and bass set with MC Maestro. What an end to the DJ live entertainment night. Incredible! To book SHOOKZ for a Drum and Bass night please call Paul on: 07866 315896.

Friday, 18 June 2010

10th Birthday [Friday]

Birthday Flyer [Friday]
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The first night opening the Drop Inn's 10th Birthday. This is the program of what is going on in the day and at night.

The Friday morning which opened at 10am was for the Linking Lives groups. There was a selection of stalls to walk around, and some exhibition stands. We were also serving tea, coffee and cakes.

DANCE PERFORMANCE: A few Young Members of the Drop Inn led by Bradley performed their first dance routine to the Linking Lives groups. The whole dance was choreographed by Bradley, who found inspiration to do this through attending the Dance workshops. It took this group weeks of hard work to put this dance together. It looks very impressive, so well done everyone!

RADIO DEMONSTRATION AND SINGING: The crowd watching the Dance performance.

There was also entertainment from Ant B, who entertained everyone with some singing.

In the afternoon Tom and Paul did a radio demonstration, which included an intergenerational element. The Older generation stepped up to interview the Younger generation about some of the issues and misunderstandings they may have with each other.

ENGLAND GAME: At the start of the evening We screened the England Game on the Projector for the Youth.

JASPER & CONNOR return to Belper to please their fan club again. They opened the live entertainment in style. They will definately be returning for future gigs. To book them please ring JASPER on: 07403 361310

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HAYLEY and ANDRA were the second double act to perform. They have beautiful voices. It was their first time playing at the Drop Inn, everyone was sat around listening with smiles on their faces. Brilliant We would be really happy to have them both back again.

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SUPERKAINE headlined the Friday Live entertainment. They are a band that came up from Worcester for the first time. Their band is the heaviest rock band we've had in so far, it was amazing. Everyone was jumping up and down to the rock and rock riffs! It was amazing to see how to people could make so much noise. What a fantastic start to the Birthday Weekender!

Thursday, 17 June 2010

Birthday Flyer [Intro]

Birthday Flyer [1]
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An advert for the Drop Inn's 10th Birthday Weekender. It's going to be three days filled with loads of attractions, live entertainment and activities to do.

DAFTAs 2010

DAFTAs 2010
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The Drop Inn team Arriving at The DAFTAs 2010. The effort put into this event has wowed us all on the way up to the main hall, where the awards are handed out.

DAFTAs 2010
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Proudly holding our awards. This takes the award count up to 11 just before our 10th Birthday. Well done guys!

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Jumping in celebration. We've just collected our 10 and 11th award a day before our 10th birthday !!

Monday, 14 June 2010

Flip Pits

Flip Pits
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We took all the cushions and soft items from around The Drop Inn and built our own huge crash mat. It was amazing. Then We reversed a 4x4 into the main space to flip off.

Flip Pits
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The Flip Pits were a spur of the moment madness idea. It was loads of fun and some of the Younger people involved in this stupidity even said it was the best night they'd ever had at The Drop Inn! We may have to do it again?

Saturday, 12 June 2010

Re:space [6] Full Monty

In preparation for the 10th Birthday weekender, everyone has been giving the Drop Inn a huge make over. All the yard has been smartened up and re-painted. There has been loads of repairs make inside, and also lots more re-painting. The Drop Inn's never looked so smart. We are hoping to raise enough funds to get the Cinn and Games room roof finished after the celebrations.
Well done everyone involved in the Re-design and revamp of the Drop Inn, it's been really hard work getting all ready in time.

Friday, 11 June 2010

District 56 Launch

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Launch of the Latest intergenerational Multi Media project involving The Drop Inn Young People, Linking Lives and Filmcity.
For more details contact Andrea Fox

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Opening times for the Film launch on the 18th June! Don't miss it!

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This is our favorite project creation so far! It involves a mockumentary style film, which then converts into an actual Documentary, then a drama with characters featured from the 'role reversal' film, then it's climax is a music video focused on stereotypes and inters-crimination.

It is a brilliant film please don't miss it!

Monday, 7 June 2010

New Cricket equipment

We have received new cricket equipment ready for the summer time and another new drum kit, all from the Whitemoore centre in Belper. This was kindly given to us with the condition We will come back and do some more work with the Whitemoore centre, which of course We would love to anyway. So Thank You :)

Thursday, 3 June 2010

Cupboard of Boom

Low frequency Audio exhibition. Plug Your iPod in, sit on the cushions and feel your music. Everything around you rumbles.

Exhibition of Low frequency sounds and base heavy music. The You got a chance to plug their ipods and phones into The Frankenstein Sound System which was set up behind the half pipe. You sit in a little pit of cushions and feel all the base rumble around You, it is a crazy experience similar to being in the back of a car with sub speakers in the back. It was referred to as the Cupboard of Boom. We will be looking at setting up similar things in the future, so don't worry if You didn't get the chance to experience it.

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

"Think Tank"

The Drop Inn hosted a meeting between The Mighty Creatives (TMC) Board and the Young People from the Drop Inn involved in this project. After a huge Drop Inn style welcome which included dressing in hoodies and bouncing to dubstep, We then watched a presentation from the TMC.

After that We had a big open discussion with all the stake holders of TMC, discussing what might happen in the future on this Young leadership project. It's all sounding really exciting and positive and We are really pleased to be involved!

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Development Day with TMC

Two of the Young people and two of the volunteers of the Drop Inn went to Nottingham to the Galleries of Justice for a development day. It was to meet the potential regional steering group of Young People. All the Young people across the region will be making decisions on how to improve services for Young people outside schools. These Young people will be working with the Mighty Creatives on their new leadership project. Through this the Drop Inn will become a regional "Think Tank" which will be one of the centres in the region Young and older people meet to come up with new idea's.

We were very proud with Libby and Bradley the two Young People from the Drop Inn, they worked really hard all day and mentioned some of the best points in conversation all day, so Thank You You Two!!

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