Friday, 28 November 2008

Youth P.O.D

Youth P.O.D
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We still don't fully know what the youth POD is. It was pretty good fun though.

Youth P.O.D
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Picking a bottle up with a rope exercise

Youth P.O.D
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Folding a sheet whiles standing on in. You are not allowed to touch the floor which made things interesting.

Monday, 24 November 2008

Performance Concepts

Some of the idea's a caffine induced meeting with Riff Raff produced:

We've been thinking of producing a film for our presentation in the new year, but then having elements of live performance with a projected film to compliment it.

One of the idea's is to create a silent film then create a live sound track (performance of trash drumming + beat boxing)to go with it. Then pause the film footage and act parts of scenes out, so it's a mix of live performance and projected film.

PLease email any ideas you have or tell a member of staff, we would love some story boards sending in so we can scan the ideas ...

Cheers Adie, Tom, Ben + Josh

Sunday, 23 November 2008

D-i Clothe Brand

We have our own clothes brand! Working with a company called Creative Wear we have launched a clothes range. There is a whole catalogue of things to but, from hoodies to towels and kids clothes. We've put the first order through. Let a member of staff know if you want to purchase any Drop Inn branded merchandise!

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Portland College 2008 visit

It was another really enjoyable trip up to Portland college. We played wheelchair basketball again. It's so hard to co-ordinate a wheelchair while trying to pass a basketball around. So of us got the hang of it.

Wheelchair basketball

The scariest picture of Calum to date. Definatley the funniest performance, wheel chairs are really hard to control while playing a sport, everyone but Callum got the hang of it, well done to all who took part!

Stuck in the action.

Instead of spinning the wheelchairs round, people started throwing basket balls in all directions.

I was really impressed with Dan's beatboxing duo with one of the Portland members.

Sunday, 16 November 2008

Band practice

Band Practice
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Ahead of the planned band room, we've started hiring out the warehouse space for band practice.
£1.50 a head per hour

Band practice
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Band space
The warehouse side will still be let out after the band room is finished but more for practice gigs. As long as people give plenty of notice, we would be more than happy for bands to come down and have live music jams in front of a small audience. The advantage with this is you can see the crowds reaction, and get instant feedback for your performance. We'd love it because it's live entertainment which it's so much better than sticking a CD on!!

Tom's apology party (Safe Rave)

Safe Rave
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this safe rave was all about dnb and breaks. We noticed there was only a minority who seemed into it, so we're changing the music taste for the next safe rave. Each party we have is different so we're always trying different approaches.

Safe Rave
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Please let us know what kind of music you want to be hearing at the parties we hold, then we can put a play list together of all genres of music.


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The Drop Inn Mascot ... He needs a name!

He loves to travel so when ever anyone goes on Holiday please remember him.

Get some Holiday snaps with Him!

Poi @ Present

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The Monday poi sessions are still goin well, with one-to-one sessions starting from the very basics. I will start running further poi on tuesday evenings to prepare you all for the performance that we will be starting in the next few weeks. see you soon for more flaming

Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Broken beats

After a recent escapade to the good old city of Worcester, i have returned t the drop inn yet again inspired for another project. On the streets of the city i came across two busking hippies, but rather than the cliche guitaring associated with busking, they had completely customized their own drum kit. Using nothing but empty paint cans, tins and three large plastic buckets.
So i've kind of borrowed the idea for a more up to date trash drumming session (which will intertwine with project poi, and the U.V project to create a performance).

All i need is for some minions to take on the role of wombles and collect empty tins/ paint cans, anything that will make a bassey or industrial sound, and bring it don to the drop inn. that way we can build our own drum kit and bring out a drop inn style to break beat drumming. sound good? obviously not yet, cos we've got nothin to make noise with.

so on request, real in the beats and we'll set to work *ting*

cheers a bunch
hear ya soon


Tuesday, 11 November 2008

D.I.Y Fashion (Drop Inn Youth Fashion)

The idea got leaked the other night, the idea is to hold a fshion week in spring next year. You will be modeling your own clothes, clothes designed by youth for youth. The idea was goin to be kept secret till the new year. But now it's out in the open, we can start the research for the project ahead of schedule with two companies already in mind to produce a collection of the clothes and accessories. At this stage we are looking for designs and fashionable ideas. The main project still wont start till the new year, but people can start thinking about designs! It'll be an exciting new project to begin the new year with!

Cheers x

The first design of some plain T-shirts for the staff

Monday, 10 November 2008

Eclipse Firework Show

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Night BBQ, bonfire and Eclipse firework show 03/11/08

The biggest and longest firework show we've put on so far! Thanks to the donation from Eclipse fireworks. The huge firework to finish off the show was going crazy for over 5 minutes.

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