Saturday, 30 August 2008

BE THERE - 08/08

The first of many parties, this one was a secret party. Everyone was told it was a social experiment to see who would turn up and see what the hell we're on with. It was a good turn out. This first one was experimental, we're open for suggestion for the next one! Music or other ideas! Now everyone knows what BE THERE stands for, each one will introduce a new original edge to a party, so each one will get better. Look forward to the next one ... might be a U.V party?!


Be There - U.V
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Attacked with U.V pen, the first stage to set people up for the second BE THERE, which is looking like it'll be a U.V party!

BE THERE - Andrea's Birthday Tribute

A few songs dedicated to Andrea on her Birthday. It was a right laugh!


Be There - poi
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Anyone who missed a chance of Fire Poi and wanted a go, I'm sure if you ask Adie to bring it down, he will!!i

The Poi was such a success with everyone, it inspired a Poi Project. Well the Idea was already for a proposed Poi Project. But gaging the reaction, the planning is now underway!!

For the next BE THERE we have some lose ideas, people obviously know it's the name stands for party now, so we'll be looking at different thing to turn them into original and fun parties! The next will be this side xmas, and will probably tie in with the current projects.

If anyone else have any idea's to introduce to BE THERE like a cheesey 60's theme, or other iconic dress codes ... please let us know!

Hope everyone enjoyed it!


Wednesday, 13 August 2008

We've now have a Wii !!

Presentation of new equipment - We've now have a Wii !!

Handing over of new equipment from Heage Teen Zone

Well what more do you want other than a Wii in a projection space? Thank you!

Heage Teen Zone closed its doors for the last time 2 weeks ago - a great loss to Heage Community. The founder of the Teen Zone, Sharon, donated equipment to the Drop Inn, we recieved a new pool table, a karaoke machine and from the remaining funds from Heage, Sharon purchased a Nintendo Wii for us. A sad loss for Heage but a wonderful gain for the Drop Inn, we will have many fun hours with our new equipment, it will certainly be put to good use. A big thankyou to Sharon and Sophie!!

Thursday, 7 August 2008

The Drop Inn has Tallent

There is always alot of tallent being noticed at The Drop Inn, the graffiti project has shown there is some really good artists who come down, In the karaoke on monday we saw some interesting singing duets. The rest of the time on standard Monday and Thursdays we've noticed all the members have tallent in different areas, like the skate crew. There might be enough tallent to run some kind of competition, you stand up with any idea you like, anything from party tricks to trained skills. Everyone would vote for the winner. STAND UP. The winner would recieve a really nice shiney trophy and a huge cheer ...

check this crazy tallent for one example

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