Thursday, 6 March 2014

FreeFall - Set up

IMG_3644 by thedropinn
IMG_3644, a photo by thedropinn on Flickr.

This is the projection screen, the DJ stage in the corner, and the graffiti wall ready and prepared.

FreeFall - Set up

IMG_3643 by thedropinn
IMG_3643, a photo by thedropinn on Flickr.

We have built a huge space for a projection screen.

This will be used by the amazing Urban Projections on the day of the fundraiser.

There will be VJ workshops in the day for all ages, and the live VJing at night.

Excitement is building event more!

FreeFall - Set up

IMG_3642 by thedropinn
IMG_3642, a photo by thedropinn on Flickr.

The Real Ale and Cider supplied by the George and Dragon Belper has arrived.

This is the first time we have done this - the first time we have offered real Ale and ciders.
Probably the only youth centre to currently smell like a brewery - we hope! as we have a great excuse ... it's a family fundraiser.

Don't worry they are safe and hidden away ready for the fundraising event.

FreeFall - Set up

IMG_3638 by thedropinn
IMG_3638, a photo by thedropinn on Flickr.

Building the false wall for the live graffiti demonstrations.

Really looking forward to seeing these Nottingham based artists.

FreeFall - wristbands

FreeFall - wristbands by thedropinn
FreeFall - wristbands, a photo by thedropinn on Flickr.

The FreeFall wristbands have arrived.

Looking pretty official now. Really looking forward to see how node56 do with their first big fundraising event.

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