Saturday, 3 June 2000

The Official Opening

We held the official opening of the Drop Inn – a centre for youth run by youth. Belper Town Council bought us a pool table to set us up, the local Police gave us £500 to open up the fire escape and for security grills. To open up the fire exit I was out in the back yard trying to kick in the old door, suddenly a voice came from above asking what I was doing, it was a red spikey head who insisted on coming down, he appeared, ripped jeans to accompany the red spikey hair, ‘oh no, what have we here?’ I thought. But a more polite helpful young lad I could not have wished to meet – moral of this day, not everything with red spikey hair is dangerous!! He became a regular member of the Drop Inn and remained helpful and polite.
The grand opening

Up-and-Coming Drop Inn Events