Monday, 20 November 2006

The Drop Inn Band Night

A selection of young bands performed to a crowd. All the event including the stage set up and promotion was all set up by one of the young members. There was some seriously good talent. Over all it was a very successful night which we intend to do again!

The sound recording of the original filming was not that clear, so the footage has been edited with a new sound track.

Tuesday, 10 October 2006

Bet 4 Production

Driving Dirty 1
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Riding Dirty was a dramatic production with all kinds of brilliant ideas put together for a performance. After weeks of work shops and practice, the result was amazing!

26 weeks or workshops around dance, movement, sound, grafitti art, music, song writing, script writing and more included over 60 young people. The end result was performed by 15 young people to a public audience on two nights - dispite attacks of nerves it was absolutaley brilliant. The project was funded by Clore Duffield Foundation and put together by Bet4 artists. We all enjoyed being involved on a project of this scale and will definately do a similar project (without stealing a car - but thats a different story)!!

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Monday, 1 May 2006

Tackling Drugs Changing Lives Award 06

Andrea Fox - founder of the Drop Inn was nominated for Drugs Worker of the Year Award and won the title for the East Midlands. It was in recognition of the work done through the Drop Inn around drugs awareness, support and diversions, going the extra mile to help. The award ceremony was held in London and included a rather posh dinner. Ann Wallwark - director of DeBradelie Mill Shop arranged a fitting for Andrea and donated a suit for the occasion - much better than Andrea's usual jeans and boots!!

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