Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Graffiti Season 08

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The Graffiti season is three Graffiti projects combined, something that if people get involved and really enjoy it , it can happen every year!

Graffiti Art or Vandalism?

Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Drop Inn Tagged Areas

Tagged Ibiza

Drop Inn Tagged Ibiza
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Ibiza Graffiti has The Drop Inn stickers tagged all over it ha

We used to have a model Camel that Drop Inn members took everywhere on Holiday. People took photos of the Camel and brought them back. The latest idea is to take a hand full of stickers and tag over places. Eventually having a global map on the wall and put a mark where ever The Drop Inn has tagged!!

Tagged Westfield Derby

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Local Tagged areas include Derby town centre and Belper with surrounding areas

Tagged Brighton
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Tagged in Brighton

So If anyones goin away ask for some stickers and tag everywhere you can, remember to send the pics back so we can keep a record where we've owned!

Friday, 13 June 2008

Safer Neighbourhood link project logo

Link Project between Safer Neighbourhoods and the Drop Inn

Thursday, 12 June 2008

Stage [1]

Stage [1]
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This is the kind of art work we are looking for! Characters, images, pictures, logos and meaningfull text! Keep up the good work ...

Here are some inspiring graffiti websites to look out for:
Wikipedia - what is graffiti?
Art of the State
Gaffiti Creator

Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Graffiti Wall Inspiration and ideas

Back to the drawing wall ...
The first stage of graffiti on the skate park was really good, but unfortunatly it was agreed there would be no names. With names other people come up and say "whos that" then tag there name over the top, so achieves nothing. Also names have no life span, if that person stops going down to the skate park it's no longer known by anyone. Where as inspiring pictures will be seen for years after and still appreciated by others.

We've designated a wall inside the Drop Inn for tags, names and personal messages.

This is a wall assigned for inspiring graffiti (looking for styles), a place to practice designs. Think about images that represent you, your lifestyle, the drop inn and Belper or the area you live (streets). This blank canvas is a chance to express yourself, it can be a quote or saying you've heard somewhere? This piece of wall is for Inspiring graffiti so NO names and No tags please. The wall near the bar is our graffiti self portrait for tags!!

Check out Banksy

Cheers guys

Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Graffiti Boards

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Think of something, anything. and i bet its made up of something smaller.
take an idea for example, its starts off as something small, then you add to it with other small ideas. next thing you know you have a huge idea of something you want to do.
We have applied this concept physically at the drop inn through the form of graffiti art.
we each have a small wooden board in which to paint on our ideas, these (when finished) will be placed on the wall to create the bigger picture. So the more of the small boards that are created, the bigger the picture will be.

Our thoughts are just as important as our heart beat, and just as frequent too. These graffiti boards are to basically take a still image of our thoughts, therefore there is no limit or restrictions to what is painted on them.

more blank boards will be available this Thursday for anyone else wanting to show the world their thoughts in colour.
see you guys soon


Monday, 9 June 2008

Thursdays become the Music Mash Up

Thursdays Music mash ups, warning possible Mosh pits and intense Rave music, electro crazy feet, dnb or what ever you want as long as it sounds good loud!! Does it offend you, yeah? Sorry!

As long as it sounds good loud it will get played! Don't be scared or put off by this video, it was mainly the staff! You wont get dragged into and violent behavior so for the young newbies don't worry, just stand out the way and laugh!!

There is also some cheesy crap being played for a change of mood, we'll play what ever you like. request! but we do get bored of Grease, this is a one off for the sake of a carefukky planned dance routine ... enjoy!

Other than that we've been trusted to play something underground with intense baselines, if we are playing something you like ask us and we'll send it to you!


Sunday, 8 June 2008

Challenge Mondays - suck the pea

Challenge Mondays
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Suck the Pea Challenge. A test to see who is the biggest sucker and get the most peas from one bowl to another using only a straw!!

Child Care - Team Building

Childcare sessions as an alternative from school begin with a team building exercise, sometimes by preparing breakfast and sitting at the table to eat and discuss the days session.

Sunday, 1 June 2008

Online - Thankyou

Can I just say thank you to Randal Sanders for funding the account for our new website Everyone is really happy to eventually be online with an official website!

So Thank You again!

Phone Graphics

Phone Background 4
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One of the ideas for phone backgrounds. You can design some of your own, we can scan it and Bluetooth them round!!

If you want any of these designs ask a member of staff to send it to you!

Cheers x

Phone Graphics
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The aim is to reach 100 designs then print a poster of all of them, you can then select which desin you like and we can bluetooth it!

Show yourself

We all have a vision of ourselves at some point, of how we want to appear to other people, wether its the type of clothes, the style of hair, or how we generally act.
Me and Tom have briefly discussed designing characters to represent each of the drop inn management team. this then gave us the idea for a new project.

We would like each and everyone of the members of the drop inn to design themselves a character that will represent them. it can be as bizarre or creative as you wish, the more creative the better as we love inspiration. I already have one, and Tom is starting work on his. so we'll be launching this project fairly soon, maybe even tie it in with the graffiti project.

Everyones character will be displayed on a welcome banner to have in the bar area, so every visitor we have will see the crazy attendees and managers of the Drop inn (another reason to make your characters more creative, not to promote boasting or anything)

see ya soon, start comin up with some ideas of how ya wanna look :)

Tom n Adie

Up-and-Coming Drop Inn Events