Wednesday, 31 March 2010

News Bullet (3) - 31/03/10

March has been a pretty busy Month. There is loads more events coming up next Month. Please download our News bulletin for a brief update of news with contact details.

Street Dance Update

The whole dance routine is now being practiced. It's looking good, but extremely difficult. There are also new young members attending. We had 25 young people this wednesday, so we've got a pretty big dance group now!

Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Linking Lives @ Greyhound

This Linking Lives Media event went really well. The event was at The Greyhound Pub on the Whitemoore estate in Belper. The night opened with Jaspers performing again, then there was two quiz's, one based on media and the other based on the history of Belper. After the quiz's Ant the new volunteer sang a few familiar song. He kept that really great talent quiet, it was brilliant! Then there was a few interviews and Jasper closed the event. Thank You to all who attended and the entertainers, a thoroughly fun night again.

The Linking Lives and Filmcity media project crowd all enjoying Jasper's entertainment

Older and Young generations teaming up for the quiz on media and the history of Belper.

Dancing to Ant's singing. This has inspired a dancing activity for one of the future Linking Lives Media events

Everybody, Older and Younger doing the conga to Jaspers last song.

Sunday, 28 March 2010

New Bass Speakers

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Our Frankenstein Sound System has now grown again, with some new bass speakers originally from the old Rock House Club in Derby. The sound quality is getting better all the time, it now sounds like a small club, Frankenstein lives again!

Friday, 26 March 2010

Safe Rave 2010 [3] - Angle

March Safe Rave Desktop
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The March 'Safe Rave' was another huge success, with loads of young people turning out to see ANGLE and SHOOKZ play back to back. This 'Safe Rave' was techno themed and saw yet another different layout for the DJ's. They were on a 4ft stage, which looked really impressive!

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Linking Lives @ The George

Linking Lives media project hosted an event at The George and Dragon pub in Belper. It was a really good turn out for older and Young people. Jasper performed an acoustic set for some entertainment. Filmcity were filming the whole night as a documentary, also recording some interviews about stereotypes of young and older people. Paul and Tom recorded some separate audio for the launch of the radio project, and plan to do a behind the scene's (away from the camera's) interviews to document how people are finding the media project as a whole.

Saturday, 20 March 2010

Updated Art Instillation

Updated Art Instillation
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Along side a few repairs and a re-paint we also started working on the forgotten speaker art instillation. The speakers were put there in summer 2009 with the idea we would spray paint over them. The new idea is really creative, watch out for the finished art piece.

Wii on SMart board

Wii on SMart board
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As part of the refurb of the games room we have moved the table football to the side and set the Wii up on the SMart board, and added speakers under the seats, it's a brilliant gaming experience.

Thursday, 18 March 2010

Clothes Order [6]

The fifth order for Hoodies and other Drop Inn Clothes has arrived and ready for collection. The designs keep looking better each time! The New Frankenstein sound system T-shirts look amazing!

Kindafunky Broadcast

Kindafunky promo
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Live Drum and Bass set by DJ Shookz and Maestro, which will be broadcasted over the internet on
from 7-10pm.
Please listen in!

Kindafunky broadcast
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The set up for the live drum and bass broadcast on Kindafunky radio, with Shookz and Maestro

Kindafunky broadcast
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Nixy one of the Young People at the Drop Inn had a go MCing on the mic. The whole night was a great atmosphere. Shookz and Maestro enjoyed it as much as the Young People, so it will happen again!

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Street Dance Promo

Street Dance Sessions
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Tonight sees the start of the long anticipated Street Dance sessions.
Its a 10 week workshop in urban dance styles, for FREE!

We have carpeted the main space for the workshops and set up the new sound system.

Street Dance
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A few people said how much they were aching afterwards. Well done everyone you all did really well. There is another 9 weeks left so everyone will be really fit by then.

Street Dance
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There was a good attendance for the first Street Dance session with a lot of the Freshers returning to join in this project.

Street Dance
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The first Street dance session went really well. It was made compulsive that all the staff also join in :)

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Games room refurb draft

The games room has been one of the most used attractions and area's of the Drop Inn since it opened only last year. The pool table is still getting used loads but the table football looks a bit lonely. So we've decided to put the table football away for a few weeks and move the Wii onto the new projector in there. There is an added surprise to the sound experience as well, we will say more next week! The gaming experience in our game room will be even more fun and enjoyable soon!

This is just the Rough Plan.

Games room rough plan
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This is the rough outline plan for what we would like to do to the games room. It's not a major development we just want to promote the use of the second projector we've got. We've tried the Wii on it before and it's a brilliant gaming experience, so if we can install some extra speakers under the seating as well it will be an even better gaming experience!

We will be moving the table football in the main space with the Table tennis so there is more room to use it.

Student Research

Derby University Students came to The Drop Inn for a research visit. The 5 first year Health and Social Care Students visited the Drop Inn to collect research to use in a presentation all about the workings of the Drop Inn. Good luck everyone hope your presentations all go well! D-i x

Monday, 15 March 2010

Music Production Workshops

Paul F (Shookz) who has been running the DJ workshops every Monday night for 6 months is now going to expand the music based workshops and teach some lucky young people how to produce their own music. The Young people interested in music producing will get the chance to not only produce their own music but also produce it using the touch screen technology of the broadcaster kit we've got! It's all very exciting, we will name the start date as soon as we know when these session are able to start. Cheers, Tom and Paul.

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Film Project 2010 Advert

Film Project 2010
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The Drop Inn (Linking Lives) and Film City are teaming up to do an intergenerational Multi Media Project. This project will include training to be part of a Professional Film crew to create a feature film, there will also be radio broadcasting training, live gigs and showcase exhibition events. It will be bigger than previous film projects! It's really exciting, come down on a Thursday afternoon at 4.30 every week to learn more.

Drug Research (Crab)

The Drop Inn team lead by Laura has been doing a lot of research on the drug known as Meow Meow. Laura is putting a short booklet together to send out to other organizations. She has been collecting facts figures, news and media stories about this particular drug, which will be released soon as a booklet and also a downloadable document for our blog. The use of this drug has been a growing concern, with it becoming popular amongst the Young People using it.

Leeds Conference

Andrea travelled up to Leeds in early hours of the Morning to a conference about Equality and Diversity. The conference was called Children England, their mission is to create a fairer world for Children, Young People and Families by Championing the voluntary organizations which work on their behalf. It was another really useful day and amazing a member of the Drop Inn when to attend this important conference!

Friday, 5 March 2010

Decks linked to Broadcaster

Paul using the Radio Broadcast software to mix in a track playing from the vinyl decks set up, and linked in on the left. We also managed to connect the P.A system to the output, so we can turn live sets up for an audience to hear a live broadcast in The Drop Inn! It's all coming together now. The Radio project keep accelerating each week with new and better idea's.

We broadcasted the music playing through our Decks to the SMART board in the games room. It was a very elaborate way of broadcasting but it looked amazing for any tech fans!

Paul and Tom Managed to connect the Decks and mixer to the Radio Broadcaster. So we can now broadcast live sets.

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

NEW iMac

NEW iMac
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The Drop Inn has set up their brand new iMac for the music editing for the radio project and for the film editing in the intergenerational Filmcity project. It's so smart and fun to use! Thank You!

Monday, 1 March 2010

Hate Crime Training

Andrea and Tom both attended a Hate Crime awareness day at Matlock County Hall. The day was really interesting with a great delivery from the People running it. We not have all the Hate crime information at our centre and a list of contact numbers and emails for anyone who is interested in the material involved or needs the service. There is also a link on this blog if you want to check the official Hate Crime charity website. Click on: Stophateuk.orgThank You.

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