Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Environmental Project week 5

The designs for methods of recycling our waste is coming on. Some look really technical and others are simple methods.
The Youth were asked to think about a container to put different types of rubbish in to recycle, this container has to fit in our space (Yard) outside and also appeal to the youth, and hopefully inspiring them to recycle. The unit also has to have a form of transport so we can take the waste to the local recycling bins.
The brief also included the idea of making the transportation system and actual structure out of recycled things we have in our centre.

The designs have started to take some shape and look really inspiring, now the young people have been asked over the next few weeks to start pricing up any other materials we might need to make the recycling centre.

Once the recycling centre and system is in place we are hoping to cut out waste down, cut the price of bin collections down, and inspire other people to recycle ...

Friday, 27 August 2010

Making Music

Making Music
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Jasper and Ben making music on the iMac. Having a play and a practice before the music production courses.

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Event Planning

We've decided this year to stop trying to put on over 18 nights for fund raisers for the youth. It's confusing some people as to what the centres focus is and we don't want people to think we allow people to drink on the under 18 nights.
We operate a strict alcohol and drug harm minimization policy, and we don't want to lose community and authorities trust over fund raise events.
We are looking at hosting any future over 18's fund raiser nights in other venues. With the exception of our re:union event. This way people will hopefully understand the difference between over and under 18 events.

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Environmental Project week 4

After collecting a selection of different types of recyclable rubbish, while making a survey of what the most common discarded waste was then recycling it we discovered quite a lot.

Now the question is how can we become a more green town?

How can we Become a Greener Youth Centre?

And how can we inspire others to become more green?

We haven't got the answers but there is some really good ideas coming from the Young People at The drop Inn.
They have come up with some designs to make it easy to recycle our thousands of cans and other recyclable materials.
One of the other ideas was to start making a documentary of the progress they are making and also and environmental awareness video.

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Hacketts Social Night

JP set up a social night one Wednesday at Hacketts every Month for adults with learning disabilities. The Drop Inn joined in to help organize the 1st anniversary celebrations. It was an amazing success with loads of people calling in. There was loads of food and some live entertainment. At the entrance there was a red carpet and balloons everywhere! JP has set up an amazing thing for the community and deserves a huge thanks and appreciation! Also a big thank you to Laura and Andrea for the food and the balloons!

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

"You're Living in the wrong time Lad"

Environmental Project week 3

Environmental Project
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All the manageable waste we collected over the last Tuesday has been sorted into the different categories and bagged up. There was more plastic than anything else. Now these bags of waste will be taken to the recycling bins at Morrisons down the road.

Everyone said "It felt good." Everyone was happy they had taken some tiny steps towards cleaning our community up and making a different towards it being a greener place.

Saturday, 14 August 2010

Twitter Account?

Does anyone think it's worth The Drop Inn setting up a twitter account and linking it to the Blog and Facebook account. It seems to be the only social networking site we're not on that people use. See what happens with the demand for it, we'd appreciate any advice on it, because no-one on our team really use it. Cheers

Thursday, 12 August 2010

Build a Band (Coming Soon)

We are strating to run "Build a Band" nights on Wednesdays at The Drop Inn. I will start a few weeks into the music production project. We are aiming for the young people learning the production side to help record samples and songs for the young people playing in the bands. The first few sessions will be set up for people to have a jam. Eventually we would like to create a Drop Inn band which will support other bands on future under 18 band nights.

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Environmental Project Update

Environmental Project
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The start of the Clearance of Derwent Street. The Young People went around collecting all the discarded rubbish. Whilst collecting the dumped rubbish the Young people and volunteers also kept a record of what they collected. Everything was sorted into different categories of waste, ready for recycling.

Environmental Project
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Part of the clearance of the dumped rubbish at the bottom of Derwent Street. These item were too big for us to recycle at the moment, so we are going to come up with some ideas of what safe things we can do with these types of waste materials.

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Future Youth Environment project

The Drop Inn Environmental project will be an ongoing project. The first stage will be doing research for the local environment, focusing on how to recycle more at the Drop Inn and become more environmentally friendly. We'll be looking at reusing things and reducing our waste.
The first few weeks will involve litter picks and documenting what's the most common types of waste people through out, then look at innovative ways of helping recycle or reusing them to minimize waste. We'll keep you updated on this projects progress.

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