Thursday, 31 March 2011

Bearded Theory - Arena Story Poster

Arena Story Poster by thedropinn
Arena Story Poster, a photo by thedropinn on Flickr.

This is a story of the Drop Inn's Bearded Theory Adventure!

This weekend will be full of SUPERKAINE’d individuals, and UNKNOWN CREATURES of the night who are INTERAVINIT. We’ll be travelling in RICHARD AND THE RAFTERS vessel known as the PARADISE 9. We’ll be sheltered under the URBAN CANVAS sails which are meant to be WHITEMOOR than black, they are shaped in a huge rectANGLE, and have been covered in u.v NANO dust and graffiti. Travelling Over RIPTIDE’s and through SMOKE STACK’s to support ROBINSON, a man who knows THE BEARDED THEORY, and is on YOUR PLATFORM’s. On the way RICKY MEAKIN shouts “Hey MAESTRO, where’s the happy music, I’m in the mood for a crazy PANIC DANCE, you know how it goes.” OPERAND searched for some good GRADE of music on the WIRELESS to warm the hearts of the travellers, and get people in the mood for this big weekend. He gets SQUIGZ to stop scratching his itch and lay down a SHOOKZ track, featuring MC SPYDA, who’s got has THIS WICKED TONGUE for lyrics. Suddenly these STUNT BROTHERS burst through the PATCHWERKS of THePETEBOX, which was sat full of beer on Richards vessel next to HAYLEY & ANDRA. The two brothers Accidentally SKAIRPIGG’s not JASPER AND THE COMPANY OF OTHERS. Who had been teasing this DIRTY BEAR who was happy BASKing in the sun with the PANTS PRIEST all the way to the DROP INN ARENA, which is one of 7 amazing areas at this Derbyshire Festival. NATHAN HADLEY tries to put on a serious face and tells them to Stop acting a MONKEYS UNCLE. He recites from THE CODE written years ago by one of the original traveller’s know as JIMBO DOOMFACE the pirate. The Travellers code speaks of KEDLESTON HALL island. The original tail of the island was discovered by Dr FRANKENSTEIN and inherited by CHLOE-JADES grandfather, who kindly translated the pirates code so people can find this PARTY.

If this story of adventure doesn’t makes sense, please visit the Drop Inn Arena 13th – 15th May 2011 at the Bearded theory Festival, Kedleston Hall. The only gaps in this story are you guys!

Monday, 28 March 2011

DJ workshops 2011 update

The DJ workshops are going very well with the experienced resident DJ's learning new more advanced skills ready for their performance at Bearded Theory in May. They are working on perfecting their set lists and getting loads of practice in.
The Monday night Drop-in DJ sessions are still going well with new faces calling in to have a go and mixing.

There will be a broadcast in April live on for the young DJ's to perform their new sets. Looking forward to hearing them.

Work Experience WK1

7 Students from Belper School are on work placement at The Drop Inn. They are planning and running the Linking Lives Coffee morning planned for this Friday. They are also cleaning everywhere and re-painting some of the wall to smarten the place up.

They have re-painted the Games room and the Lads Toilet. The Drop Inn has never looked so clean, hope they all come back to keep it this clean.

Skydive for Charity Write up

Please have a look at this really good write up on This Is Derbyshire. We should have raised even more when it's all collected.

Saturday, 26 March 2011

Signing preparation for Skydive

Signing prep for Skydive by thedropinn
Signing prep for Skydive, a photo by thedropinn on Flickr.

Adie signed all the safety preparation to Billy before they're were allowed to do the Skydive

Friday, 25 March 2011

The Big Drop (Skydive)

The Big Drop by thedropinn
The Big Drop, a photo by thedropinn on Flickr.

7 People have decide to throw themselves out of a perfectly good plane to raise money for the Drop Inn charity.

Adie Stone: Inclusion Officer
Tom Stone: PP Manager
Ben Gregory: Trustee
Ant Baker: Volunteer
Ant Winson: Volunteer
Billy Alton-Wood: Young Member of the Drop Inn and deaf community
Dave Mellor: The Band Riptide

We've not counted how much we have all raised collectively.

Just before first Skydive by thedropinn
Just before first Skydive, a photo by thedropinn on Flickr.

The First Skydive Team look ready ...

Just after 1st Skydive by thedropinn
Just after 1st Skydive, a photo by thedropinn on Flickr.

The first team landing and with huge smiles on their faces

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Skydive Media Coverage

Skydive known as THE BIG DROP for The Drop Inn. Not long now!

Pals take Leap of Faith by thedropinn
Pals take Leap of Faith, a photo by thedropinn on Flickr.

Photo Taken by Belper News just before the Just!

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Excuse for no news

Please excuse us while we fill in the massive gap in news from December. Should all be posted up in the next week now the website is working.

Bad excuse but it is an excuse.


Monday, 21 March 2011

New Building Survey

We have had two surveyors come out and look at the building. Truth be told the first one laughed and the ambitious project to convert the tattered building into a smart dance studio.

We have only asked the surveyors to price up the basics of the building first, so it becomes a usable space. It need repairs to the Roof, walls and the floor, before you find this amusing though, it is still possible!

We are now putting all our focus on raising what money we can towards the new building, it looks like the work is going to cost around £2000. No we have our target we will do what we can to raise these funds and hopefully take over the new building.

Friday, 18 March 2011

A Spring 'Safe Rave'

F710[2]_A Spring by thedropinn
F710[2]_A Spring a photo by thedropinn on Flickr.

This was all about the Drum and Bass mad March Hare. It saw the return of the favored DJ SHOOKZ, back by popular demand, and supported by the Resident Youth DJ's Skairpigg and PatchWerk!

We tried a new room lay out again, which made it sound even better and made a nice dance area, what the DJ's looked over.

This 'Safe Rave' was also dedicated to celebrate the life of Tom Chandler, one of our members who is sadly pass on. We stopped the music to have a minutes silence, and had a book to write messages to send to his family and close friends.

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Vinspired National Awards 2011

Adie WON the Vinspired National Connect Award !!! Well done Adie, it's a very deserved award for all the voluntary work you have done in your community. We are so proud of you and so happy to have you on our team, well done again!

The Belper News Report:
Adrian lands top honour - Local - Belper News

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Choreograph workshops

The Choreograph workshops are going well, the young team have come up with a few different short dance routines to teach people and are starting to think about the more complex routine.

It looks like a lt of fun, we cant wait to see how people respond at the Bearded Theory Festival

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Uni Student Placements '11

Sarah has started from Derby University as this years student placement. She's been thrown straight in the deep end with a 'safe rave' to look out for and also all the build up to the confirmed festivals

Monday, 14 March 2011

My 1st Tattoo

My 1st Tattoo by thedropinn
My 1st Tattoo, a photo by thedropinn on Flickr.

This is not to encourage anyone else to get a Drop Inn tattoo. It's just to show the dedication from a staff member who has expressed how much the Drop Inn means to him.

Saturday, 12 March 2011

Drop Innvaders

Drop_Innvaders by thedropinn
Drop_Innvaders, a photo by thedropinn on Flickr.

The Drop Inn has become the first Youth Centre in The midlands to have it's own online game.

Drop Innvaders was design by John Hole a young person who has been involved in the Drop Inn and supported it for years.

We hope everyone enjoys our new game. Follow the link below:

Drop Innvaders Game

Monday, 7 March 2011

Out The Box Festival Proposal

We have been in touch with the organisers of Out The Box festival discussing what we might be able to bring to their festival.
Out The Box is held in Alfreton and is a small friendly festival, they have organised over 70 acts to perform over 3 days.
These acts include Jasper and Shookz two of the volunteers from the drop inn and the headline is Petebox also one of our friends.

The organisers would like the Drop Inn team to host a tent that will be running creative workshops. We are thinking of calling our tent 'Jam Source' which will promote Jamming with open source art. Once we have more final details of what workshops we will be bringing along we will keep you up to date. More exciting things to look forward to this year.

Friday, 4 March 2011

EdDi Proposal

EdDi (Education: Drop Inn) is going to be a package designed for Schools. It will offer 27 different alternative education courses.

We already run a variety of different courses for Belper School. Now we are offering them more courses and would like to start and approach other schools. This package is being designed now and hopefully finalised and being send out just after Easter.

Most of the package will probably not start till after the summer break, in September. We'll keep you up to date with any progress.

safe rave Package

We are putting together a business plan for rolling the safe raves out to other communities.

The package will include a series of courses and workshops to help develop the communities capability.

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Choreograph workshop intro

From the success and interests that came out of the Dance workshops last year, we have planned to let some of the Young members involved run their own workshops.

This is the first planning meeting but the sessions will start immediately. The goal is to design some simple dance routines to teach people at the Bearded Theory Festival. It's kind of like peer to peer mentoring.

The Young people involved are going to Choreograph a few different dance levels of difficulty, so there will be some easy and very short routines and then a couple of longer ones that take around an hour to teach in full.

Up-and-Coming Drop Inn Events