Sunday, 26 May 2013

Sound-hub LIVE - In aid of The Drop Inn 2013

This was the acoustic corner we ran at the event. It was a great day filled with loads of great acts.
This fundraising event had a great turn out.
Sound-hub raised £800 for our Youth Charity.
The main stage at the event ran by Sound-hub themselves.

HUGE thank you to all the Sound-hub team, Hacketts, and everyone who performed and attended. You all raised a lot of money for our charity, Thank you again is was an amazing day of music and live performances.

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Doodle Drum - Willington Arts Festival 2013

Construction of our new 'Doodle Drum' project.

Really looking forward to see if this workshop works.


Lets see what happens, bit nervous about running this new workshop.

The idea was to mix trash drumming with
an illustration workshop ...

This could get very loud and very messy.
Lets create!

The doodling is looking very bright and interesting.

We've had some really cool beats going on as well.

Lets do some call and response.

The DOODLE DRUM frames are getting covered with cool artwork.

Great mix of ages getting involved.

This is a lot of fun.

We've started drumming with some of the paint brushes now.

This art is created by sound and has so many textures.

Where will it end up though?

Gather some more noises.

Now the art is illustrations are influence by the noise.

Everyone is painting to the sound track.

As the drumming session shatter off parts of paint revealing new surfaces.

The paint skins are getting deeper with more layers and textures.

All the surfaces of the DOODLE DRUM fames keep changing.

Both the DOODLE DRUM frames after the first workshop.

This was the loudest and messiest workshop we have ever ran ... But it was so much fun and pretty creative.

We enjoyed it as much os the young people taking part.

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