Friday, 14 December 2012

Free 4 All (event) - node56

Free 4 All Dec 2012 by thedropinn
Free 4 All Dec 2012, a photo by thedropinn on Flickr.
This second youth event in Alfreton saw 75 young people turn out on the friday night.

It was set up and ran by the young people who attended the 6 weeks of workshops.

It was a great success and enjoyed by all. Well done to all the young people who put this event on.
Free 4 All Dec 2012 by thedropinn
Free 4 All Dec 2012, a photo by thedropinn on Flickr.
Shookz on stage helping 'Prffesor Leighton' (one of the youth DJ's that took part and completed the DJ workshops)

This DJ set contained a variety of new music which got everyone up and dancing.

Brilliant response for the first DJ of the night.
Free 4 All Dec 2012 by thedropinn
Free 4 All Dec 2012, a photo by thedropinn on Flickr.
The second act of the night was 'The Equipt' and acoustic act that had been working with Jasper over 6 weeks.

Everyone gathered around to support this amazing acoustic duo.

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Free 4 All (Promo) - node56

The 2nd node56 under 18's event is on the 14th December ... After the first successful event known as BE THERE (a 'safe rave' style event), node56 (The Drop Inn's new sister company) ran a series of workshops in Alfreton with a group of young people. These young people designed the flyer, promoted the event, organised the entertainment and learnt how to DJ ready to perform on the night which will be the 14th December. We are really looking forward to see how the young people have go on with the workshops and see the response of Alfretons first Young person ran event at the Polygon Youth Centre.

Sunday, 2 December 2012

Belper Winter Food Festival 2012

The Drop Inn and Sound-Hub teamed up with The Black Swan to run a stage of entertainment on the market place for the Belper Food Festival 2012.

John Nelson kindly supplied us with a trailer for the stage.

There was some brilliant acts on all day again ...

Looking forward to future events like this, it promotes some heart warming community spirit!

Saturday, 1 December 2012

One Bomb (+18's fundraiser party)

First of all ... a huge thank you to all who helped put this massive event on, thats all the artists who performed, all the people who set the stage and themed the venue, all the volunteers on the night especially the door and bar staff, and all the sound and lighting engineers, special thanks to Urban projections who did the VJ (visuals) for the night, and another special thank you to Dave Walker who arranged for barclays to sponsor the event by match funding what we raised up to £750.

Urban Projections vs One Bomb - Warehouse Party from Urban Projections on Vimeo.
We raised £1100 off the bar and entry prices, so when match funded by Barclays it will total £1850 which is incredible for a nights entertainment.
ONE BOMB were absolutely incredible!! So were the visuals that accompanied the music done by URBAN PROJECTIONS. We also had a live Ska / reggae band called HOT RYBENA and other dj's such as P.V (Patchwerk) and DAVE ANGLE!
Finally a big thank you to all who attended, we hope everyone had as much fun as us, this party was EPIC! the biggest we've done all year and we look forward to doing some more in the future.

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